mui. calm design

mui team has created a new intuitive, natural user interface made of wood. mui can both display web information and give you control of other devices. mui invites you to interact with a natural surface in place of distracting screens. mui connects locally and to the cloud, with an SDK that gives developers a new natural platform.


mui USD 499

mui is an interactive wood panel that serves as a smart home control hub. Using the digital display that appears with a swipe of your hand, you can talk, send/receive messages, check the news and weather and control smart devices (lighting, thermostats, etc.) and more. When you are done, the display disappears, and the panel looks just like a piece of wood again. mui doesn’t constantly demand your attention as smartphones do. mui is a “calm” device designed to create a relaxing, distraction-free digital environment, so you can enjoy quality time with your family.



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