Scandinavian Futon

Behind every decision and an idea there is a story to be told. A story, which reflects the road from inspiration to realization, which in this case is “Scandinavian Futon”. We create inspiration, not only in distant Scandinavian lands, but also in functionality and minimalism. Despite being relatively new company, we offer values that are tried and tested. Values, that are important for Latvian mentality. Our plan is to expand furniture market with fresh concepts and innovative designs.

  • Sofa ‘Figo’

Sofa Figo.jpg

Sofa ‘Figo’ EUR 567

  • Bed ‘Twist’

Bed Twist

Bed ‘Twist’ EUR 483

  • Futon ‘Nido’

Futon 'Nido'

Futon ‘Nido’ EUR 169

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