design blog #1

When looking at the first records of my industrial design blog, I understand that I live at the best possible time. In order to implement their modern ideas, contemporary designers use not only the latest and most advanced technology but also the experience of past generations. I will not go deep into a discussion of the current trends of industrial design (3D printing, copper, product simplicity and functionality, customization by customer, “Closer To Nature”). I will only tell that they fully reflect our crazy pace of life, and also the aspiration to be exclusive.

Moreover, we have learned to make customised products for our needs without the assistance of professional designers and you don’t need to have a factory for that. You don’t even need money. Of course, professional designers made another step forward, entrusting all work to nature, slightly prompting it, and learning to simply grow the product they want. It’s also good to enjoy the massive selection of handmade products. By spending a little time for search, we can find a unique handmade product at a price of a mass produced item, this way, supporting the small manufacturer and stimulating the generation of even more original ideas, grading ourselves the unique and exclusive environment.

That’s it for the first entry …

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