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Banal and probably the most discussed trend of design, yet… I learned the concept of minimalist design back when I had no idea what the interior or its direction was, not to mention the trends. I learnt about it when, being 17 years old, I made the first home repair in my life – replaced the laminate in the bedroom of my rented apartment. I dedicated a weekend for the repair and succeeded to finish it only on late Sunday, after midnight. On early Monday I had to go to work, and because I was so tired, out of all the things that I had taken out of the room before the repair, I brought back only the bed and the TV (which I put on the floor instead of the shelf), dropped the books I was reading at the bed, and heaped my clothes on one chair.

In the morning I got up and was stunned by the cosiness of the room, the sensation of big space in the small room, and elementary freedom of movement. The light that used to come into my room through the single small window which was now free of flowers, was unusually bright. Furniture, lined along all walls, did not absorb the light. The general gamut of colours was not variegated, but rather only a few, uplifting and calm, colours dominated the design that I have created for the first time. Several household items, arranged very clearly and practically – it was everything that I appeared to need after exhausting work and studies.

My experiment with implementation of the minimalist design ended when my future wife forced me to move all things back to place – she didn’t understand me, and sneered. But now I have a different wife, and my experiments with minimalist design are coming soon…

My most favourite details of minimalist design: white walls with only one picture or one photo, metal furniture details, white leather, large windows, no more than two dominant colours, multifunctional and practical furniture.

Several photos that will inspire the implementation in my future housing design: minimalist design 5 minimalist design 4 minimalist design 2 minimalist design

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