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Only a week is left to the most important holiday of the year. The major Christmas stress begins: buying gifts, decorating the home, sending greetings, and many other chores filling the atmosphere of Christmas and holiday hustle.

Very briefly, I would like to highlight a few Christmas problems: Christmas tree decoration and gift packaging.

If you, like me, have not yet finished decorating your Christmas tree and are still doubting whether to choose an artificial or a live tree, I suggest that you choose a living plant without any hesitation.

Maybe the shape of a live spruce will be not as ideal as an artificial one, it needs care – but the real tree creates the sensation of comfort, its scent radiates the genuine Christmas atmosphere. Decorations made with your own hands are ideal for decorating the Christmas tree. If you are too lazy, confine yourself within several colours (dominating in your interior design), glass decor and one-colour lights. And if you succeeded to get a very nicely shaped three – put on it a few coloured paper strips and have a minimalist design on your Christmas tree, a great decoration for your holiday.

I will only tell one sentence about gift packing: paper and red ribbon, or a silk cord.

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White Christmas
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