The range of North American-based company ReCORK includes just a few of their own products such as slippers, shoe soles, yoga exercise aids, shoes that will soon appear on the market, and surfing accessories. All of these products feature one thing in common – they are made from wine bottle corks. To support the demand for its products, ReCORK team has recycled and used 100 million corks.


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As I can see from the ReCORK account on the Kickstarter platform, their ideas are popularly indeed. For example, ReCORK shoes that should appear on a market in few months are positioned as the most eco-friendly shoes in the world. The ReCORK team succeeded in raising more than $ 80,000 through crowdfunding for the project implementation even though their own stated amount was only $ 30,000.

Bearing in mind that ReCORK used only half a percent of the 20 billion wine bottle corks produced worldwide every year, it can be expected that their product range will expand considerably in the future.

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