Hello everyone,

My name is Sergejus (Vilnius, Lithuania). I work in a factory of plastic parts. I am responsible for who, when, where and what is manufactured.

In my leisure time and whenever I have a free minute at work, I like to look at people’s ideas, which, depending on their functionality/purpose, provide exclusive, artistic value to products. I also like to evaluate people’s imagined technologies and conceptual models that make people’s lives more beautiful and easier in the future.

I created the blog that I called the “sergej.us”, because what I found during my wanderings through the endless galleries of creative people ideas catches not only my eye…

The purpose of the blog is to bring awareness among people that the choice of usual things should not be limited to products sold in the most popular shops of the city or e-shops where everyone buys, but rather to inform about unique solutions for the home, future visions, and handmade products.

How do I write my blog: every time I find the interesting and original idea, I briefly introduce it. I use the texts and images of the authors of the idea. While introducing it briefly, I suggest my blog visitors to learn more about the idea and its authors, by providing a link to the project website.

P.S. I know it’s not good that I’m using texts and images without asking the authors’ permission, but my blog is not commercial. You will not find a single advertisement in it, and no manufacturer has ever paid me for advertising its products or goods. But if you are the author of a text or image posted on my blog and you don’t want it to be posted on “sergej.us”, let me know and I’ll remove it immediately.

Meanwhile, if you are the author of a unique idea and want it to be rated by my readers, please write me and I will certainly post it if I like it.

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