Again about pallets…

I work in the factory where we use hundreds of pallets every day for storage of the products we make.  There are many ideas how to transform useless pallets into original and functional interior elements.  Today, I have passed my eyes over them again and, honestly, a vast majority of ways to incorporate them into the most luxurious environments surprised me.

Look through the ideas that have caught my eye.  You need only read or watch one of hundredth of DIY articles or videos, roll up your sleeves or find a skilful woodworker and go on… The results will definitely surprise you!





Hello, I met this year in Venice. Right before the New Year I visited the Murano island near Venice , famous of its glassware made according to the ancient technologies dating back to the 13th century. I was pleasantly surprised about the variety of articles handmade by craftsmen, using their massive experience accumulated over many decades of years. With just a little aids and the power of their lungs, they obtain products of unbelievable shapes that, from the first glance, look like they were made using the latest computer based technologies.




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Concept Airships

Enjoying my vacation and relaxing on the couch, I was pressing the buttons on the TV panel until I hit the basketball match. But my attention was drawn not so much by the basketball match, but a advertising airship. I immediately became curious why I have never heard anything about “zeppelins”, except for the catastrophe of the legendary “Hindenburg”. From documentaries about the same “Hindenburg” I had the opinion that airships are almost the perfect air vehicles. Their main advantages: fuel consumption dozens of times less than that of aircraft; travel for weeks without the need to land (it would be impressive if there is a supply of airship cruises); possibility to install spacious and comfortable entertainment and recreation areas. Certainly it has disadvantages as well: low speed, high dependence on weather conditions. But I believe with the use of the latest technology, shortcomings could be eliminated and benefits could be further enhanced, since the latest major technological developments were made in the early 1950s. Let me remind that the airships were practically doomed after the Hindenburg tragedy.

I would like to avoid conspiracy theories, but we should remember that after the “Titanic” catastrophe, the shipping industry did not shut down…

Meanwhile, designers from all over the world make every effort to revive airships. I suggest to take a look at the conceptual models I like most:

  • ALERT Military Airship Concept

ALERT Military Airship Concept.jpg

more info at ALERT Military Airship Concept

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#Xmas blog

Only a week is left to the most important holiday of the year. The major Christmas stress begins: buying gifts, decorating the home, sending greetings, and many other chores filling the atmosphere of Christmas and holiday hustle.

Very briefly, I would like to highlight a few Christmas problems: Christmas tree decoration and gift packaging.

If you, like me, have not yet finished decorating your Christmas tree and are still doubting whether to choose an artificial or a live tree, I suggest that you choose a living plant without any hesitation.

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Recycling the “impossible”

For many years now carbon fiber has been referred to as the raw material of the future. Due to its high ratio between elasticity and strength, excellent aerodynamic properties, resistance to corrosion and chemical impact, easy molding it is often irreplaceable in space, aviation, automotive and medical industries.

However, one of the greatest shortcomings of carbon monoxide is its utilization and recycling. About 30% of carbon fiber used in industry is discarded as postproduction waste. Recycling and disposal of such waste is very costly and often impossible.  Often, such waste is simply shredded and used, for example, for pavements.

The team of engineers and designers, named LABEL/BREED, has set itself a goal of making something beautiful and practical from waste carbon fiber. The result – chairs, soon to appear in trade, that will be made of 96% of waste carbon fiber.

Recycled Carbon Chair.gif

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Concept Wheelchairs

People who have lost their freedom of movement due to health problems are forced to spend most of their lives in a wheelchair. Its design has not changed for decades: strict lines, monotonous colours, no distinction or customization to the user.

But it’s so nice that over the last ten years, designers from all over the world have been using the latest and most advanced technologies, focusing on the contemporary design trends and designing wheelchairs that will make life easier and make you feel modern. Of course, most projects remain on paper only, but I believe that they are a source of inspiration for future projects.

I hope that nobody experiences life in a wheelchair, and offer to take a look at the most original ideas for the development of wheelchairs.

  • GO 3D by LAYER


more at

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#sockssucks – best Christmas gift

Christmas is just around the corner, dear friends. You have probably already chosen the gifts for your loved ones. But you also have friends, colleagues, godchildren, uncles and aunts. I wish you select gifts for them as carefully and with love, as for your loved ones.

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Banal and probably the most discussed trend of design, yet… I learned the concept of minimalist design back when I had no idea what the interior or its direction was, not to mention the trends. I learnt about it when, being 17 years old, I made the first home repair in my life – replaced the laminate in the bedroom of my rented apartment. I dedicated a weekend for the repair and succeeded to finish it only on late Sunday, after midnight. On early Monday I had to go to work, and because I was so tired, out of all the things that I had taken out of the room before the repair, I brought back only the bed and the TV (which I put on the floor instead of the shelf), dropped the books I was reading at the bed, and heaped my clothes on one chair.

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When looking at the first records of my industrial design blog, I understand that I live at the best possible time…

When looking at the first records of my industrial design blog, I understand that I live at the best possible time. In order to implement their modern ideas, contemporary designers use not only the latest and most advanced technology but also the experience of past generations. I will not go deep into a discussion of the current trends of industrial design (3D printing, copper, product simplicity and functionality, customization by customer, “Closer To Nature”). I will only tell that they fully reflect our crazy pace of life, and also the aspiration to be exclusive.

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