The range of North American-based company ReCORK includes just a few of their own products such as slippers, shoe soles, yoga exercise aids, shoes that will soon appear on the market, and surfing accessories. All of these products feature one thing in common – they are made from wine bottle corks. To support the demand for its products, ReCORK team has recycled and used 100 million corks.

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Recycling the “impossible”

For many years now carbon fiber has been referred to as the raw material of the future. Due to its high ratio between elasticity and strength, excellent aerodynamic properties, resistance to corrosion and chemical impact, easy molding it is often irreplaceable in space, aviation, automotive and medical industries.

However, one of the greatest shortcomings of carbon monoxide is its utilization and recycling. About 30% of carbon fiber used in industry is discarded as postproduction waste. Recycling and disposal of such waste is very costly and often impossible.  Often, such waste is simply shredded and used, for example, for pavements.

The team of engineers and designers, named LABEL/BREED, has set itself a goal of making something beautiful and practical from waste carbon fiber. The result – chairs, soon to appear in trade, that will be made of 96% of waste carbon fiber.

Recycled Carbon Chair.gif

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Trazor: The first all-in-one shaving system for men & women

Trazor is the complete shaving solution in one handy device for travel and home grooming of men and women. It provides an ultimate shaving experience that is luxurious and convenient, and yet affordable.trazor.png

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mui. calm design

mui team has created a new intuitive, natural user interface made of wood. mui can both display web information and give you control of other devices. mui invites you to interact with a natural surface in place of distracting screens. mui connects locally and to the cloud, with an SDK that gives developers a new natural platform.


mui USD 499

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