Wooden (Olive Tree) Door Stop, Doorstops, Handmade Door Wedge , Animal Design

Ahenque co-operates with small businesses…We appreciate the craftsmanship that passes through from generation to generation and we work with local artisans who do their job with love and passion.

  • Cat design


Cat design USD 16

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AVworkshop – Handmade Leather Journals

I’m Svetlana.
I live in Vilnius, Lithuania.
I love to make beautiful things with my own hands.
I feel lucky to be an artist that works and creates and
I want bring joy and positive energy for you.
Thank you so much for visiting my shop.
You are welcome to contact me for any question!

  • Steampunk leather journal

Steampunk leather journal

Steampunk leather journal USD 48

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Secrid Wallet – Safe and Accessible Card Wallets

Secrid wallet provides a simple and fast access to your cards while keeping them safe and RFID-protected inside the Cardprotector. Each wallet is made in Holland from quality materials and comes with a proof of authenticity. Multiple leather options available for Mini, Slim and Twin wallet.


  • Slimwallet


Slimwallet EUR 74.90

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Scandinavian Futon

Behind every decision and an idea there is a story to be told. A story, which reflects the road from inspiration to realization, which in this case is “Scandinavian Futon”. We create inspiration, not only in distant Scandinavian lands, but also in functionality and minimalism. Despite being relatively new company, we offer values that are tried and tested. Values, that are important for Latvian mentality. Our plan is to expand furniture market with fresh concepts and innovative designs.

  • Sofa ‘Figo’

Sofa Figo.jpg

Sofa ‘Figo’ EUR 567

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VEARK-CK01 Knife

Ask any chef worth their salt what their most precious tool is and the answer is invariably the knife. The knife is such an important and personal tool for a chef that most professional chefs carry their knives around with them as one of the most essential tools of their trade.

VEARK’s CK01 gives the knife blade the reverence it deserves. Literally designed to be a tool-of-trade, the knife’s design embodies aspects of tool-design, with a unibody construction, and a handle that feels firm and comfortable like the grip of a spanner. Each blade is drop-forged, giving the handle its unique, wonderful, grippy texture, and is then manually hand-finished to produce a blade that’s remarkably pure, sharp, and long-lasting.


VEARK-CK01 Knife USD 115

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Recycled Aluminum Chairs (emeco)

Emeco_logoEmeco is a privately held company based in Hanover, Pennsylvania. The iconic Emeco 1006, known as the Navy Chair, has been in continuous production since the 1940s. Today, Emeco manufactures furniture collections designed by internationally recognized designers and architects such as Philippe Starck and Norman Foster.


  • Sezz by Christophe Pillet

Sezz by Christophe Pillet

Sezz by Christophe Pillet EUR 2050

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3D FAUCETS (DXV American Standard )

As American Standard Brands enters its fifteenth decade of business, it proudly launches DXV by American Standard, a flagship portfolio of luxury bath and kitchen products that celebrates the company’s distinguished 140-plus-year heritage by re-imagining the most influential design movements during that time.

  • Vibrato


Vibrato USD 19500

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As a group of EDC enthusiasts, we know it’s not easy to get your hands on some titanium gears, given its rarity and cost. Our vision is to not only bring you the best everyday carry essential items with a joy of use and ownership, but also at an affordable price.

Our mission is to create the highest quality Titanium products to your best satisfaction. Please share us with your ideas and thoughts. Together we can create wonder, powerful possibilities.

  • TI-EDC Handmade Titanium Premium Eco-friendly Durable Pocket Hair Comb

TI-EDC Handmade Titanium Premium Eco-friendly Durable Pocket Hair Comb

TI-EDC Handmade Titanium Premium Eco-friendly Durable Pocket Hair Comb USD 29.90

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K-Addict Key Holder

The K-Addict is a compact, strong, light weight key consolidator that won’t stick out or stick you. Protect & organize what matters most! Each K-Addict ships with a small building kit to accommodate required size & spacing.  Every kit includes 18 – 8 stainless 
steel hardware & fitted nylon washers to add fluid flipping movement to you keys.The K-Addict won’t rust, corrode and is resistant to scratching. 


  • K-ADDICT V1 (Titanium )

K-ADDICT V1 Titanium

K-ADDICT V1 (Titanium ) USD 110

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Crumpled Collection (Piebalgas Porcelāna Fabrika)

Piebalga Porcelain Factory, cherished by artist Jānis Ronis, is the only porcelain mill in Latvia. Initially the Porcelain Art Gallery was created in Riga Old Town, workshop – on Kalnciema street, and decorating studio – in Majori Community centre. The production of the porcelain wares begun in Piebalga in 2007 and now “the white gold” has become one of the symbols of Piebalga. The small mill, set in a former dairy factory of Vecpiebalga, has become a successful enterprise with a trademark ”Piebalgas Porcelāna Fabrika”. With  unusual and original pieces of art, it has raised the interest both locally and abroad. The careful handicraft creates fine tableware, souvenirs, and special gifts. You too can visit the factory to find out the secret of fragile porcelain making and try decorating the porcelain yourself

  • Porcelain Crumpled Coffee Mug

Porcelain Crumpled Coffee Mug

Porcelain Crumpled Coffee Mug EUR 10

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mui. calm design

mui team has created a new intuitive, natural user interface made of wood. mui can both display web information and give you control of other devices. mui invites you to interact with a natural surface in place of distracting screens. mui connects locally and to the cloud, with an SDK that gives developers a new natural platform.


mui USD 499

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Full Grown. …we grow a chair…

Taking a radical stance on the way we produce our objects, Gavin Munro and Full Grown are at the cutting edge of an emerging art form, an art form that highlights an interesting way to be closer to art and nature and to create symbiotic abundance for both.

Challenging the way we create products as well as how we see the items with which we surround ourselves, the Grown Furniture has an immediate tactile, visceral and organic appeal.





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Custom Knives (recon1)

Established in 1986, Recon 1 began as a neighborhood military surplus store. In the past several years, it has quickly become the number one destination for hand made custom and high end production pocket knives, flashlights, and other high quality gear. The brother and sister team of Sako and Tamar are dedicated to bringing the best possible customer service (oh and we can’t forget Daniel, he’s pretty awesome too) Enjoy our new site, and if you’re in the neighborhood, please don’t hesitate to stop by our Encino, CA store. Proud dealers of Shirogorov Knives, Hinderer Knives, Olamic Tactical, Microtech Knives, Benchmade, Chris Reeve Knives, Emerson, Jake Hoback Knives, Zero Tolerence, and other fine brands




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“Crazy Horse” Leather

Crazy Horse distressed leather creates the utmost luxurious finish for your most cherished items. Custom tailored to suit your taste we produce items which exude an antique vibe applying special handmade waxes to the leather’s surface. Our special technique includes the scouring the material, consequently changing its color and giving it an aged demeanor. You can take your favorite brand-new item and transform it into a priceless, vintage family heirloom to be kept for many generations to come.

Crazy Horse leather will continue to transform further when in your possession. Using a natural process, it will absorb the oils from your hands, therefore, forming a glossy polish to perfect its silhouette.

  • Leather Key Organiser & Holder | Carbon Black


Leather Key Organiser & Holder | Carbon Black EUR 34

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Quirky makes invention accesssible

Quirky is a free community-led invention platform that brings real people’s ideas to life. Invention is hard. It requires a diverse set of skills, and it costs a lot of money. Everyday people have brilliant ideas but no way to see them become real products. Quirky makes inventing and selling products possible by pairing inventors with product designers and big manufacturing companies that can bring their ideas to life.



Pen Zen EUR 12.99

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From Russia with Love (Art. Lebedev Studio)

Founded in Moscow in 1995, Art. Lebedev Studio is the only design company in the world offering product designcityand environmental designgraphic designwebsitesinterfacespackagingtypeface designcustom patternsand book publishing under one roof.

  • Ploschadkus 1



Ploschadkus 1 USD 3258.88

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