From January 2017 John Neeman Tools has become a guild of northern master craftsmen – Northmen. Uniting one of the best northern European bladesmiths, carpenters, woodworkers, tool makers, wood carvers, bowyers, leather workers, watch makers and silversmiths.

Northmen guild is the next level of our craftsmanship, next page in the book of history. It is the revival of a medieval tradition! It is our dedication to craftsmanship! Revive the guild!

  • Carving Axe “Robin Wood” II

Carving Axe Robin Wood II

Carving Axe “Robin Wood” II USD 525

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Special that no one else has and we decided to make her a small bag with her name. Our child was delighted after which we decided to give this delight to others who want to be special. Since 2003 we create bags, belts, wallet and other for every day using, From the beginning we worked only with Ukrainian customers until that moment we knew about Etsy and now we want to show our work for more customers all over the world.

  • Leather briefcase. Leather handmade bag. Handbag. Leather case. Luggage. Large. Suitcase

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Leather briefcase. Leather handmade bag. Handbag. Leather case. Luggage. Large. Suitcase EUR 1625.68

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Crazy Horse distressed leather creates the utmost luxurious finish for your most cherished items. Custom tailored to suit your taste we produce items which exude an antique vibe applying special handmade waxes to the leather’s surface. Our special technique includes the scouring the material, consequently changing its color and giving it an aged demeanor. You can take your favorite brand-new item and transform it into a priceless, vintage family heirloom to be kept for many generations to come.

Crazy Horse leather will continue to transform further when in your possession. Using a natural process, it will absorb the oils from your hands, therefore, forming a glossy polish to perfect its silhouette.

  • Leather Key Organiser & Holder | Carbon Black


Leather Key Organiser & Holder | Carbon Black EUR 34

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