Passionate about creating beautiful, handmade furniture that celebrates nature.

ringing nature into the home can create a calm, peaceful environment, yet wooden furniture doesn’t have to be traditional. We mix modern, contemporary style with natural, sustainably sourced hardwoods to produce beautiful solid wood designs that will turn heads in any home. To find out more about the company and what we’ve been up to recently please visit our blog.

  • The Cotswold Elm Tree Shelf

The Cotswold Elm Tree Shelf.jpg

The Cotswold Elm Tree Shelf GBP 780

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Taking a radical stance on the way we produce our objects, Gavin Munro and Full Grown are at the cutting edge of an emerging art form, an art form that highlights an interesting way to be closer to art and nature and to create symbiotic abundance for both.

Challenging the way we create products as well as how we see the items with which we surround ourselves, the Grown Furniture has an immediate tactile, visceral and organic appeal.





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