Crumpled Collection (Piebalgas Porcelāna Fabrika)

Piebalga Porcelain Factory, cherished by artist Jānis Ronis, is the only porcelain mill in Latvia. Initially the Porcelain Art Gallery was created in Riga Old Town, workshop – on Kalnciema street, and decorating studio – in Majori Community centre. The production of the porcelain wares begun in Piebalga in 2007 and now “the white gold” has become one of the symbols of Piebalga. The small mill, set in a former dairy factory of Vecpiebalga, has become a successful enterprise with a trademark ”Piebalgas Porcelāna Fabrika”. With  unusual and original pieces of art, it has raised the interest both locally and abroad. The careful handicraft creates fine tableware, souvenirs, and special gifts. You too can visit the factory to find out the secret of fragile porcelain making and try decorating the porcelain yourself

  • Porcelain Crumpled Coffee Mug

Porcelain Crumpled Coffee Mug

Porcelain Crumpled Coffee Mug EUR 10

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